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Officery HD HQ - Office Background, Virtual Background, Virtual Office for Zoom, MS Teams, Webex and Co.

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When in a video call, how your employees appear to the client matters. A negative impression of them reflects in how they see your company. That is where our virtual background images come in handy. No matter the actual background, our virtual backgrounds always transport the message you want them to cart. By setting yourself a high professional standard, you not only value your customers, but more importantly, customers will make the right choice with you as their digital partner for the future.

Officery HD

When it comes to maintaining a strong brand image, consistency is critical. With our background images, you can ensure a rugged professional appearance for every employee. They are a simple solution to establish consistency throughout the company without establishing complex compliance rules on how every employee must set up their backgrounds.

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When in a video call, how your employees appear to the client matters. A negative impression of them reflects in how they see your company. Depending on the family and home situation, video conferencing from the home office is an intrusion into employees' privacy. Give your employees a tool to protect their privacy while ensuring they convey absolute professionalism when in a video call.


Shortly after you place your order, our software will begin creating your customized virtual background. After your background is created, you will receive a shipping notification containing the download link of your virtual background. This process usually takes no more than 5 minutes.

Save the climate with moretrees.eco. Officery is committed to planting a climate-tree for every order of €50 or more. In this way, we not only value our customers, but also make an important contribution against climate change. This is because we are helping to sustainably reduce CO2 emissions. moretrees.eco's mission is to make climate protection affordable and easy. Through direct integration into our online store, climate-trees are planted automatically with every order over 50€. We are very happy to be part of this initiative and to contribute even more trees in the future.

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