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Personalisierter Zoom, Teams, Webex Hintergrund mit Logo | Beispiel BRANDCOACHES
Personalisierter Zoom, Teams, Webex Hintergrund mit Logo | Beispiel INOTRADE
Personalisierter Zoom, Teams, Webex Hintergrund mit Logo | Beispiel ITCOMPLETE
Personalisierter Zoom, Teams, Webex Hintergrund mit Logo | Beispiel HS CONSULTING
Personalisierter Zoom, Teams, Webex Hintergrund mit Logo | Beispiel BACKINTHEDAYS

Officery HD Consultants - Office Background, Virtual Background, Virtual Office for Zoom, MS Teams, Webex and Co.

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  • Build brand recognition and trust with a branded virtual background
  • Appear professionally everywhere: Whether in Zoom, Teams, Webex and Co.
  • Stand out positively with a unique visual appearance in HD quality
  • Never worry about your privacy again
  • Start quickly and without any effort: Delivery within 5 minutes

Not sure if the image quality and the size of your logo is suitable for our virtual backgrounds?

Play it safe and add the manual data check for only 5€.

Note: The delivery takes place within 24 hours.

You have found a suitable background from us and would like to have it personalized with your logo in different versions?
Then book two additional variations of the logo for only 10€. Our software creates the original and you get two additional versions of your background with your logo:

Version 1: Your purchased background with your logo in extra large.

Version 2: Your purchased background with logo extra placed on the side.

Note: This service can only be booked with selected Officery HDs. The two other versions will be delivered within 24 hours.

Branded virtual background with your company logo

Gain more visibility in any video meeting with a background that carries your company logo. Ensure optimal representation for you and your employees from the home office.

Modern office background in HD

How you and your employees are perceived in a video call is important. In the video conference, every employee represents the company. Even if they are sitting in their home office, a negative impression will affect how your company is perceived. Our backgrounds are a simple solution that gives you instant control over how your employees are perceived without having to set up complicated compliance rules.

Protects privacy while working from home

Depending on the circumstances, a video meeting from home is an invasion of privacy for your employees. With our virtual office backgrounds, you give them a tool to protect their privacy, appear absolutely professional to customers and partners and convince in every video call.

Can be used in all common videoconferencing softwares

Look professional everywhere: You can use the virtual office background in Zoom, MS Teams, Webex, Google Meet, Jitsi or Skype and Co.

Why is a professional virtual background important?

Professional image

If you like to work remotely, you have to pay special attention to your professional image via Zoom, Teams and Co. The biggest mistake: You don't think about how your corporate image will look and leave it to chance. The background is also chosen randomly, does not look consistent, and in the worst case, is just distracting.


Those who value privacy are less likely to turn on their cameras, because they run the risk of exposing their own homes to the gaze of strangers every time. That's a problem: Those who feel uncomfortable unconsciously transfer this unpleasant atmosphere into the conversation. The anonymity additionally makes successful communication impossible.


Making a trustworthy and careful impression - very few people succeed in video calls. Avoid leaving a messy and unprofessional impression by choosing a neutral and personalized background


Personalisierter Hintergrund mit Logo

Show your business

Stand out virtually from the crowd with a branded background that shows off your business.

Get your branded background now!

Who is the Officery HD suitable for?

Who is suffering from stress of commuting:People who sacrifice a lot of their valuable time for commuting to work often suffer from stress. Lack of joy, general demotivation, concentration problems and heightened irritability are often the result.

Who don't feel safe at the office: Constant uncertainty about whether it's back to the office distracts from the actual work.

Who is uncomfortable exposing their privacy:Worrying about one's own cozy home triggers an unpleasant feeling inside. Unpleasant working conditions lead to employees feeling unmotivated and unsafe.

Who have difficulty with work-life balance:Working during the week, staying in hotels and seeing your family only in the late evening or on weekends? That's not what you imagine when you are thinking about your work-life balance.

Who is bothered by poor image quality:Poor image quality never leaves a good impression and often makes itself felt by saving money in the wrong place.

Who is the Officery HD not suitable for?

Wer nie Videokonferenzen über Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex und Co. hat

✔ Wer seine Kamera auch in Zukunft nie anmachen möchte

Wer es lieber dem Zufall überlässt, wie sein Unternehmen im Homeoffice repräsentiert wird

4 must-haves your professional virtual backgrounds must provide

Brutal mistake if you miss #3

Yes! With our free virtual background creator you can try all backgrounds with your company logo. After that, just follow the normal ordering process. Don't worry! You will not be asked for payment details. After 5 minutes you will receive the selected Officery HD with our watermark and in reduced quality.

It is best if your logo is on a transparent background. When uploading your logo, please make sure that the proportions of your logo are correct and that the file size does not exceed 512kB. Also you should not upload pixelated or low quality logos.

Shortly after placing your order, our software will begin creating your corporate office background. After your clean office background has been created, you will receive a shipping notification via email containing the download link of your video call background. This process usually takes no longer than 5 minutes.


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Individueller Hintergrund mit Logo

Neutral. Professionell. Personalisiert.

Für einen sorgfältigen Unternehmensauftritt aus dem Homeoffice, mit dem du positiv aus der Masse hervorstichst.

Save money with a bundle

LED Ringlicht Videokonferenz Beleuchtung fürs Homeoffice
Officery Videokonferenz Licht
Videokonferenz Licht Test
Videokonferenz Leuchte
Videokonferenz Beleuchtung Homeoffice Test
Ringlicht Videokonferenz
Videokonferenz Beleuchtung Homeoffice
Original JeanBalveu® 10.2" LED Ring Light for Video Conferencing - Medium Tripod with Ring Light and Cell Phone Holder - Professional Streaming Lighting for Online Meetings and Marketing Videos
Original JeanBalveu® 10.2" LED Ring Light for Video Conferencing - Medium Tripod with Ring Light and Cell Phone Holder - Professional Streaming Lighting for Online Meetings and Marketing Videos

Original JeanBalveu® 10.2" LED Ring Light for Video Conferencing - Medium Tripod with Ring Light and Cell Phone Holder - Professional Streaming Lighting for Online Meetings and Marketing Videos

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Video conferencing ring light for natural and professional home office lighting

Have we landed in an interrogation or why this mysterious appearance with half a face full of shadows?
You don't seem very approachable and trustworthy to your clients if they can't recognize you well in the picture. With our ring light you can present yourself naturally & professionally. With over 120 LEDs arranged in a ring, you will be illuminated more evenly with the ring light in contrast to a normal lamp.

Easy-to-use lighting for video calls, no matter where you are

You and your employees don't need a film studio setup to have a professional image in video calls. But a webcam alone isn't enough either. The lighting makes the difference!
With our ring light you can achieve a higher quality image quickly because it's easy to set up and adjust.

Versatile lighting

Be it video conferencing, live streaming, taking photos or shooting marketing videos: The ring light helps you look good in all disciplines. As a mobile companion, it is quick to set up and easy to transport.

How to use the ring light

  1. Place the ring light on your desk.
  2. Use the pull-out stand to adjust the ring light to your desired height.
  3. For eyeglass wearers, we recommend positioning the ring light slightly higher to avoid reflections in the eyeglasses.
  4. If necessary, tilt the ring light forward by adjusting the ball joint.
  5. Connect the ring light to your laptop via USB. The long cable with USB 2.0 connector allows you to connect the ring light to all common smartphone chargers or to your PC.
  6. Adjust the color temperature and light intensity by pressing the slider. You can start the video conference without downloading any additional software or making complicated settings

The ring light has a diameter of 25.4 cm and comes with an extendable tripod made of aluminum.

The minimum height is 38 cm, the maximum height is 91.5 cm.

The tripod has a cell phone holder, which can be easily dismantled, so that a webcam or camera also finds space on the tripod.

The ring light is connected via an extra long USB cable. On the cable there is a controller with which the color temperature as well as the brightness level is adjusted.

In addition, there is a Bluetooth remote control including battery.

The ring light has 20 LED lamps, 3 light colors (cool white, natural white, warm white) and 10 dimmable brightness levels