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Videokonferenzkarten Officery GAME CHANGER
Videokonferenzkarten Officery GAME CHANGER
Officery GAME CHANGER 12 video conferencing cards for an effective and entertaining communication, moderation cards for online meetings (in German language)
Videokonferenzkarten Jemand hat laute Geräusche im Hintergrund
Videokonferenzkarten Ich kann dich nicht hören
Videokonferenzkarten Bild eingefroren?!
Videokonferenzkarten Es hat geklingelt
Videokonferenzkarten Sehe ich anders
Videokonferenzkarten Ich möchte etwas sagen
Videokonferenzkarten Ich komme nicht mit
Videokonferenzkarten Machen!
Videokonferenzkarten Wir drehen uns im Kreis
Videokonferenzkarten Gefällt mir
Videokonferenzkarten 5 Minuten Pause?
Videokonferenzkarten Habe einen Folgetermin

Officery GAME CHANGER 12 video conferencing cards for an effective and entertaining communication, moderation cards for online meetings (in German language)

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  • The GAME CHANGER in online meetings with many participants
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The cards come in A6 format and are as large as a postcard. Due to the compact size, the cards fit well in your palm.

We will gladly customize the Officery GAME CHANGER according to your wishes. If your card is not listed, just contact us! You would like to customize the videoconference cards with your company logo?
We are happy to do that as well! Write us a message or schedule an online appointment with us so we can talk about your needs.

No, the videoconference cards are arranged logically in the ring book that they should accompany you and your participants during your online meeting. The advantage of the ring book is that the cards will not get lost. The compact binding makes it possible to transport the GAME CHANGER easily and to use it quickly without having to search for individual cards.

Werbegeschenk für Kunden

Perfekt für das Videokonferenz-Zeitalter

Kugelschreiber, Süßigkeiten oder Notizblöcke als Werbegeschenke? Das macht jeder. Sei anders. Hole dir einen originellen Begleiter für den Homeoffice-Alltag. Einen, der am besten in jeder Videokonferenz zum Einsatz kommt.

So funktioniert's

Schritt 1

Kommunikationsproblem in der Videokonferenz erkennen.

Schritt 2

Passenden Officery GAME CHANGER auswählen und in die Webcam halten.

Schritt 3

Kommunikationsproblem mit dem Officery GAME CHANGER gelöst.

Officery GAME CHANGER is ideal for video conferencing in the form of group meetings, where it is difficult to keep track of all participants.

With the help of 12 postcard-sized moderation cards, you can quickly solve the most common communication problems and hold an entertaining video conference at the same time. Simply hold the appropriate card up to the webcam.

The Officery GAME CHANGER is the ideal enabler for an effective communication in the home office: Companies can better coordinate online meetings such as stand-ups with many participants and quickly obtain a mood picture of the employees.

Particularly during a presentation, the presenter can gauge the response of the other participants by holding up a moderation card to the camera without being directly interrupted during the presentation.

The Officery GAME CHANGER is also suitable for schools. In homeschooling, children and teenagers can be better involved in online lessons and can actively shape their participation. The funny and familiar emojis provide a relaxed working atmosphere and interactive togetherness!


12 moderation cards in postcard format bound in a ring binder, available in German, consisting of the following motifs (translated):


Someone has loud noises in the background
Picture frozen?
I can't hear you


    I like
    I want to say something
    Do it!


    I see it differently
    I cannot follow
    We are going in circles


    The bell rang
    5 minute (coffee) break?
    I have a follow-up appointment

    Suitable for:

    Video conferencing with multiple participants
    Homeschooling and online teaching
    Online lecture
    Association discussions

    You are enthusiastic about the Officery GAME CHANGER, but your motif is not included? No problem! Just talk to us and we will customize the moderation cards according to your wishes. Please keep in mind, that we are currently shipping only to Germany. We want you and your team to have the best video conferencing experience!