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Original JeanBalveu® 10.2" LED Ring Light for Video Conferencing - Medium Tripod with Ring Light and Cell Phone Holder - Professional Streaming Lighting for Online Meetings and Marketing Videos

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What our customers say


Finally looking professional

Meanwhile, online court hearings are also increasingly taking place, so I am dependent on a professional appearance. I don't want to miss the ring light anymore, it is a difference like night and day. I'm totally satisfied with the result and was directly positively noticed at the first meeting

Stephanie S.


Perfectly staged The ring light was purchased to come across professionally in online job interviews. It definitely worked! Some of the potential employers presented themselves much worse. The light is stable and is easy-to-use.
Private user from Hildesheim

I'm truly satisfied

Thanks to the ring light, the image quality at Zoom meetings is now really good, which was not the case before.
Andreas Schudey



Durch die vielen Einstellungsmöglichkeiten für die Beleuchtung ist man auch bei wechselnden Lichtverhältnissen (Tageszeit, Sonne, Wolken) flexibel. Auch während der Videokonferenz kann problemlos angepasst werden.
Die Lieferung ging sehr schnell und das Ringlicht kam gut verpackt an.

Private user from Hildesheim