The revolution begins here
through Remote Work

Impressive, professional and

With Officery
on the fast lane

Our passion: Work without an office - To help you work and live anywhere, anytime

We bring people, ideas, and content together to
solve problems, create knowledge, and improve lives.

We create face-to-face interactions between
team members, no matter where they are in the world, so they can
work together more effectively and efficiently.

That's why we founded Officery:

We believe video conferencing is an important tool for your business success. They help you attract new clients, expand your customer base, and save time and money on commuting.

That's why we build digital workplaces: To make your video communication professional, stylish, and inspiring.

To help you work and live anywhere, anytime.

The Founder

An Tran

As a bachelor's graduate in economics, An realized that the she and the academic career didn't fit together and that it was right to continue on her own path. She is interested in how business is in reality - and that's why she started her own business as an IT consultant in the field of ERP alongside her studies. Her story doesn't end with freelancing, but now begins with Officery. According to the motto: "One day or day one? You decide." An enters her biggest adventure yet with Hans Zimmer's epic track "Day One." The Path of Entrepreneurship. To her, the trend of remote work marks the end of the classic era of the 9 to 5 job. She feels towards this change the deepest sense of optimism.

An has made it her mission with Officery to push this sense of optimism further and to shape Remote Work with other hands-on mentalities.

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Pascal Scriba

Pascal had never understood why he should work on-site at the customer's office when he is at least as productive within his own four walls. In order to at least have the feeling of local and spatial self-determination, he started his own business as an IT developer and consultant alongside his studies. Since his customers were more open to Remote Work than he initially feared, he soon had no more time for his computer science studies and finally dropped out in 2019. In order to gain respect from new customers despite his dropped-out studies, he founded pascalscriba GmbH a year later, with which he has since been successfully consulting companies at eye level, in the areas of data and BI - remotely, of course.

With Officery, Pascal has made it his mission to also convince companies of Remote Work that have not yet worked with him.

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